sending bulk sms in kenya

Cheapest Bulk sms in Kenya.

We are a leader in bulk sms service Kenya and Our bulk SMS gateway let’s businesses Communicate, interact, and transact with their customers, anywhere across Kenya, via all the major mobile networks.

Our easy to use systems makes sending bulk sms in Kenya easy.

With our reliable systems, we offer fast, reliable and the cheapest bulk sms in Kenya. We also ensure high rates of sms delivery.

From time-sensitive SMS notifications and alerts to promotional offers, reach your customers with faster, more reliable messaging.

Data Elly Ltd also offers two-way messaging in Kenya using SMS short codes. These two-way numbers are ideal for advertising and marketing campaigns, competitions, CRM messages, lead generation, SMS surveys, order tracking and delivery notifications, and improved customer support.

Sending sms from your business to your customers offers you one of the best interaction platforms with your customers. Sms is an instant communication mode and the response is equally fast. This way you get instant feedback from your customers. You can use the sms responses to gauge and determine current market conditions. Our sms api allows you to send bulk sms whenever you need to seamlessly

Our team will help create a unique sender id that matches your business. We then charge you for each sms unit. Our bulk sms pricing is affordable. The bulk sms software simplifies user management and sms sending. It contains necessary sms gateways to send your messages. our sms solutions are 100% reliable.

Sending bulk sms in kenya

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Our SMS software for Windows PCs (or Mac) is ideal for small and large businesses. Schools and individuals can send bulk text messages from their desktop computer or laptop to multiple mobile phone recipients. Our platform guarantees sms delivery.

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Reach your customer base fast and conveniently using our SMS marketing. Send out regular and targeted SMS campaigns. Our SMS marketing platform has been designed simply enough even for individuals to use.

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A School SMS Notification System for Parents, Students and Teachers.We will set up the sms gateways to send messages. Then you buy the sms unit thats fits your needs

Why use Our SMS service ?

Communication to multiple contacts with the same, but personalized, message is easy. We will set up a sender id for you and you can start sms-ing.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing guarantees instant communication with your customers, with an open rate of 95%!

Cloud Based SMS

Using our cloud based bulk sms software means there is no need to download or install any other software. You can access your account 24/7 via any web browser.

School sms solutions

SMS notification service for schools. Stay in contact with students, parents and staff members with a few mouse clicks!


We aim to make our website as user friendly as possible and should you have any questions, our friendly and enthusiastic support team is just a phone call away.

Secure Messaging

Privacy and security comes first with us. We take vigilant care of your payments and data for your peace of mind.

No Contracts or Hidden costs

Our pay-as-you-go system is affordable, and SMS’s will only expire after 12 months

Great Service

Not only great service but also ever ready and efficient customer support. Contact us with your specific needs or queries. Give us a call or log on to our live chat and we will happily assist you.

Advanced Features

Bulk import additional contacts, manage contact groups conveniently, run history reports and monitor messaging campaigns. Simple and useful.

Regular Site Upgrades

We ensure all features are running smoothly and messages are being delivered instantly. Each user can currently send 1,000 SMS’s per second.

As the leading bulk sms service providers in kenya, we have got all youe messaging needs handled. Get in touch with us and we will create a cost effective mobile messaging solution for your business.