cctv cloud backup

CCTV backup to cloud solution allows safe storage of your CCTV surveillance footage to an offsite location in the cloud. our CCTV backup storage is a scalable solution that allow storage of any size of video footage

CCTV backup to cloud advantages

For a business recording videos for 24hrs everyday, storage space could be a major issue because of the large camera footage. Large capacity harddisks are expensive to buy. Storing security video backup on your computer’s hard drive or onsite, could be putting yourself at major risk. Nowadays it’s increasingly easier for hackers to bypass passwords and breach virtually any desktop system. Not only is your CCTV footage not safe, but data transfer security may be vulnerable to capture during transmission. The most cost effective solution is professional security camera cloud storage from a reputable firm such as Cloud Surveillance ltd.

Reliable solution from a Company You Can Trust

Our cctv cloud backup solution for video surveillance is proprietory. We have developed our very own software that handles all the aspects of a cctv camera system. The software, based on an artificial intelligence platform, collects footage from all attached cameras and arranges it into folders. This camera footage is then uploaded to the cloud. These products and services provide our clients with unprecedented peace of mind year after year.

Our CCTV cloud backup software is able to enhance your current cctv system with features like object detection, motion detection, number plate recognition and real-time alerts.

Our cloud backup services include:

Vital offsite managed CCTV backup storage solutions.

Saving, storing and retrieving of all your vital video surveillance footage.

Video data transferred securely over the internet.

Unlimited CCTV cloud storage.

Video data saved securely and indefinitely. This offers a more stable video storage solutions

A recovery request system, which allows you to have easy access of your camera footage.

A history log of all retrieved data requests.

If you want your CCTV system footage to protect you, then  protect your surveillance data TODAY! Our solutions work for both analogue and ip cameras. To learn more about our service, please contact us.