CCTV installation services

CCTV installation services: One of the best methods to ensure the safety of your home and business is using CCTV surveillance. With the declared intention of decreasing illegal activity occurring nearby, security monitoring systems have gained widespread acceptance among businesses and residential buildings. All of the cameras in a good surveillance system are placed in strategic locations, which helps with proper surveillance as well as enhancing business productivity and efficiency.

Offering the newest security technology to safeguard your business or home, we are a reputable CCTV installation services company. Committed to giving you authentic cctv solution, since we recognize how important it is to keep your staff and property secure.

Small cctv camera for home with mobile connectivity

For home surveillance, you need cameras that aren’t intrusive. You need small powerful cctv cameras that you can access remotely. Our home cctv solution offers:

  • Night vision capable cctv cameras. You can also opt for a full color camera system that shows full colour images even at night.
  • Small size DVR’s that can hold upto 3 hard disks. This DVR systems allow upto 6 months of recorded footage. So you can go on holiday and still review what happened at home.
  • Remote CCTV access. You can view your DVR or NVR video feed in real time, on your smart phone, from anywhere in the world. As long as the DVR is connected to the internet.
  • Motion detection with push notification. Whenever someone crosses into restricted areas, the CCTV system will send notifications, with images, to your phone in real time.

Commercial CCTV CCTV installation services for businesses

Our extensive selection of cutting-edge CCTV surveillance systems can be used independently or in conjunction with other systems to provide an integrated security solution that safeguards people, property, and assets from the risks of fire and theft in all industries, from single locations to the most intricate multi-site operations.

Our team is available with a variety of commercial CCTV solutions to meet your needs, whether you need to keep a watch on your unoccupied properties or sites, are experiencing problems with mains connectivity, or simply need a more intelligent CCTV surveillance system.

Construction site CCTV surveillance cameras

Construction site CCTV surveillance cameras

Construction sites are sensitive and attract all types of people – including thieves! We help secure your construction site and reduce the theft of materials and tools from the site. Our systems are:

  • Fully monitored 24/7
  • View your site remotely anytime on your mobile
  • Mains, generator or solar power options
  • High-def night-vision cameras
  • cheaper than security guards
  • countrywide installation service

We also offer cloud backup for cctv systems in Kenya