CCTV cloud surveillance with AI

Our cloud CCTV surveillance with AI is an innovative surveillance system. The system is powered by an artificial Intelligence engine and it changes your CCTV system from the ordinary CCTV to a system that is intelligent and programmable. This system is capable of intruder detection, motion detection, face recognition, alarm trigger capability, mobile and email alerts in real time with attached image evidence. CCTV footage from the system is securely backed up to the cloud to eliminate tampering

How does the system work?

Most conventional home CCTV Kenya systems work by recording footage of an area. They have no intelligence to analyze the data they record. When an incident occurs, you will have to rewind the footage to review what actually happened. With the cloud CCTV surveillance with AI system, it continually analyses the footage and when an event occurs, like an intruder enters a restricted zone, the system immediately sends out an alert to the relevant people. These alerts contain pictorial evidence of the event occurring. The system can also be programmed to trigger alarms or switch on lights.

The system is programmable to react to different events on different cameras. For example, one cameras can be set to react to intruders. Another camera can be programmed to detect and recognize number plates so as to control entry.

All recorded footage is securely stored to the cloud to minimize chances of tampering.

The system has an “Always on” function that retests all the connected devices every 10 secs. Any system failure is immediately relayed to the main control.

The biggest advantage of the system is that it does all these with minimal human intervention.

Our technicians are qualified CCTV installers in Nairobi and Kenya in general. All our CCTV installations come with 12 months warranty and we only use Hikvison, dahua, uniview, anspo and unv cameras to ensure quality.

Applications of the CCTV Cloud with AI

CCTV surveillance with AI can be used across multiple areas. From supermarket CCTV installations in Kenya, warehouse CCTV installations, Flats CCTV installations, go-downs CCTV installations in Kenya, sensitive government installations to private home CCTV Kenya installation. Our systems are highly scalable and they grow to match your requirements.

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