Cloud data backup services

Cloud Data Backup is an important aspect of every business. We are a Virtual Data Centre and Data Storage Service Provider in Kenya.

Our cloud data backup services in Kenya are designed to minimize business disruption. The loss of data to a business could result in huge financial losses.

Cloud backup, popularly known as online backup or remote backup, involves the sending of copies of physical files, virtual files or even databases to a remote location that is off-site. This is for backup in case of equipment failure or natural disaster induced catastrophe

With our cloud data backup services we encrypt and store your data safely on cloud servers that are secure and available whenever you need. Access to your data is on a real time basis on multiple devices. For a business that deals with sensitive data, this service will definitely result in infrastructure savings as well as manpower.

We do all of the hard work for you. We create the servers, install the OS of your choice and you are good to go.

Our cloud data backup service solutions are scalable and grow to match your requirements. As your business needs grow, so does our cloud storage. We have the best cloud storage service in Kenya with local support guaranteed 24/7.

Our Cloud Data backup solution covers several areas:

  • MySQL databases
  • Outlook
  • Mobile apps data
  • Emails
  • User specified data

Types of Backup available.

There are mainly three types of backup: full, differential, and incremental.

Full Backup

This is the most complete type of backup. All the selected data is cloned. This Data may include files, folders, SaaS applications, hard and network drives and more. The advantage of a full backup is that it takes the least time to restore data. It however takes longer to perform since all the data is backed up.

Differential Backup

A differential backup is the in-between  a full and an incremental backup. It involves backing up only the data that was created or changed since the last full backup. It involves doing a full backup and then subsequent backups are run to include all the changes made to the files and folders.

Incremental Backup

The initial backup in an incremental backup is always a full backup. The subsequent backups will only store changes that were made to the previous backup. This offers more flexibility since businesses can run these types of backups as often as they want, with only the most recent changes stored.

Incremental backup requires space to store only the changes (increments), which allows for lightning-fast backups.