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HP Laptop repair Services for Corporate and Businesses.

We offer laptop computer repair services and computer maintenance services for individuals and businesses of all sizes, including other IT companies in Nairobi, Kenya.
The cost of buying a new laptop as opposed to repairing a broken one are miles apart. Sometimes, a minor glitch can make it look like your laptop is dead! And that’s where we come in. We offer free repair assessment for broken down laptops and desktop computers for businesses and individuals.

Computer Laptop Repair: How does it work?

We offer a laptop pick up, repair and drop off service for businesses. Our technicians will visit your premises, assess the condition of the laptop and if necessary carry them to our workshop. The technical team at our workshop will then give you a report on the required repairs, the spare parts to be bought and the cost of repair. If you give us the authorization, we will then proceed and do all the repairs. The laptops will then be delivered to your premises in working condition. This normally takes 1-2 business days, subject to availability of spares. Repairing a laptop is often more economical than purchasing a new one. With our years of experience as a trusted repair specialist in Nairobi, we will always give you honest feedback as to the repairability of your laptop, so that you can make informed decisions.

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Laptop repair in kenya prices

Your laptop repair bill is influenced by the kind and extent of the issue, the price of replacement parts and the repair time. Repairing a laptop often costs between Ksh 2000 and Ksh 10,000. The average repair time is one hour for screen replacement to 2 days for motherboard issues.

Computer Repair Services in Nairobi, Kenya.

Our technicians are trained to work on most of the major brands. This include HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Samsung, Toshiba and Acer among many other makes and models from popular manufacturers. Our technicians specialize in Hp, Dell and Lenovo laptop repair in Nairobi.

What repair services do we offer?

laptop repair in nairobi

We repair hinges, broken screen, charging port, laptop battery , laptop overheating issues, fan problems and mother board repair. We also perform cosmetic repairs on your laptop. These are repairs that improve the appearance of your laptop. This includes broken edges, scratched surfaces and laptop skin installation. our technical team is available for the once-in-a-year laptop servicing inclusive of a thorough dust and debris clean-up.

Wherever possible, we will repair the most minor problems within a day. For broken screen replacement, we will normally do it in a day. Less common and hard to get screens are mostly replaced in 24 – 48 hours. Whatever the case, we will always keep you updated on the progress of the repairs.

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We are committed to offering our clients the best possible customer service along with prompt, reasonably priced repair services in Nairobi. All makes and models of laptops are serviced and repaired professionally and quickly by our highly skilled laptop repair technicians. We offer the most affordable repair services in Kenya.

In addition to fixing common hardware issues, we can also handle noisy computers and software issues for your laptop, MacBook, iPad, tablet, PC, or iMac. Our knowledgeable computer repair specialists can also tune up, install software, detect viruses, and even perform cleaning. This way, you’ll always have someone to call in the event of a problem, even at strange hours. Among the expert laptop hardware repair services we provide are:

  • laptop overheating or freezing
  • broken, cracked/dim/distorted lcd screen replacement
  • damaged dc power jack/connectors
  • laptop noisy fan repair/replacement
  • laptop battery replacement
  • laptop Bga – graphics card repair
  • laptop water or liquid damage repair
  • laptop power adapter replacement
  • damaged keyboards/keys/trackpads repair or replacement
  • laptop damaged/broken plastic casing replacement repair
  • laptop damaged/broken hinge repair
  • laptop motherboard repair or replacement
  • ssd (solid state hard drive) hard drive upgrades
  • laptop virus, spyware and adware removal
  • laptop operating system(os) upgrades
  • data recovery, backup or transfer to new hard drive / new laptop
  • solutions and repairs for “blue screens of death” and freezing symptoms
  • solutions for slow working laptops computer
  • laptop memory (ram) upgrades to increase performance

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Computer Repair Near Me. What are our service areas?

We are based in Nairobi, Kenya but we offer our Laptop computer repair and maintenance services countrywide. Our pickup service also works for businesses located anywhere in Kenya although additional charges may apply.

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  • We are experts in the repair of most major brand laptops and printers
  • We offer In-house repairs on arrangement
  • Walk-in repair centre in Nairobi.
  • 90% of all laptops repaired in 1-2 days
  • Free Repair Assessments
  • Guaranteed Quality workmanship
  • Very good repair History.
  • Reputable and reliable – Trusted in the IT industry since 2015
  • Repair services for companies, businesses and individuals, including other IT companies
  • Expertise and skills built over several years of repair.
  • Fast and efficient turnaround
  • Commitment to service
  • Professional, high quality IT service at affordable rates

Our IT team is professional. Are well trained, and have the necessary laptop repair tools. They are ready to handle all your repair needs. Contact us today and lets talk about it. Give us a call on: 0722302762, 0728371000

We also offer software installation services for individuals, companies and institutions.

whatever repair services you require

Bring it to us if you have any broken glass, LCDs that need to be fixed, issues with charging, or a laptop that won’t turn on. We can perform these repairs professionally and competently to have it fixed as soon as possible. We guarantee that your device will function like new by using the best replacement parts available. We only replace the parts that absolutely must be replaced; we won’t charge you for unnecessary repairs to your computer. We service all of the top laptop brands. Our skilled staff offers both upgrades and repairs as their areas of expertise. We can provide you with solutions so you can quickly get back up and running. Make an online reservation or give us a call.


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