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Laptop Rentals or laptop for hire is the new mode of Computing. Saves your businesses from cash flow issues.

Whenever you’re looking for a laptop to hire, Laptop for hire in Nairobi for a company meeting or corporate event, or you need some hardware for your business on a short term or long-term basis, We are here to assist your business rent a laptop in Nairobi. We have a wide range of Laptops on offer. Our service package includes laptop configuration with the necessary software, network settings and creation of user accounts. We do accept upgrade requests for laptop RAM and storage to meet your requirements.

Laptops for hire for conferences, seminars. Laptop Rentals for events

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So what does our laptop rentals package include?

  • Laptops. We provide you with the best laptop match that will match your exact requirements. these include all the necessary accessories.
  • Audio Visual. Our goal is to make your event stand out with better visuals. Our offer includes a full range of AV equipment. (Projectors, Video Walls, Touch Screens, Kiosk, Monitors and Sound Systems.)

Is it possible to hire a laptop?

We can assist you whether you need to rent one laptop or more for three to six months or longer, or if you need a short-term rental for a day or two to cover a conference, festival, extra staff, or to temporarily replace a broken machine or machines. Renting is an affordable, worry-free option if you go with us.

Rent with confidence. We are able to meet your laptops and IT equipment rental needs no matter how complex they are. We will offer our professional opinion and technical support throughout the rental period. Please note for all laptops for hire in Nairobi, we will deliver to your premises at no extra cost.

Laptop Rentals Computers

For all computing needs, we offer a wide range of Laptop Rentals. (Laptops, desktops, all in ones, Tablets, Servers, iPads)

Audio Visual for laptop hire Nairobi

Make your event stand out with better visuals, we offer a full range of AV equipment. (Projectors, Video Walls, Touch Screens, Kiosk, Monitors and Sound Systems.)

Onsite Tech support for laptop hire Nairobi

Qualified experienced technicians are available to setup and install your IT rental equipment. They will ensure that no technical glitches ruin your event.

Wireless setup for Laptop Rentals

We can set up WIFI hotspots and network infrastructure. We also offer 2 way radios on request.

Is it worth it to rent a laptop in Kenya?

Laptop rentals in kenya nairobi

A laptop can be rented for a lot less money than it would cost to purchase one altogether. This is especially beneficial for people or businesses that don’t need a computer permanently or don’t have a lot of money to invest on one. Renting a laptop also gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of software, RAM and storage space.

How much does it cost to rent a laptop per month?

The laptop rental charge depends on the specs of the machine and the rental duration. On average the monthly rental charges are around Kshs 10,000. For daily rentals, the chargers are 1300 per day.

View some of our most popular laptop rental models and their pricing here!!!

How much to rent a laptop for a month? Yearly, weekly or even for a day? get a quote.

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Important FAQ’s About our Laptop hire Nairobi Service

1. how much does it cost to rent a laptop?

The rate depends on the specification, quantity, rental period and location.

2.  I am an individual, can I rent from you?

Yes you can! We rent out to registered businesses, with supporting documents as well as individuals who meet our threshold to rent equipment.

3. Do I need a deposit?

Yes, we do charge a Refundable security deposit.The security deposit is calculated on the value of equipment & the rental duration.

4. What happens after the end of my contract?

You can choose between a contract extension and a complete technological refresh at the conclusion of the agreement.

What other complimentary services do we offer?

We run a laptop repair pick up and drop-off service for corporates and businesses. Our staff will visit your offices, access your laptop or computer. They will then bring the laptop to our workshop and we will send you a detailed repair sheet detailing the extent of repairs to be done, cost of the spares and the repair charges. Once you authorize the repairs, we will go ahead and repair the laptop and deliver it to your offices. Normally this will be done within two working days. We do not charge extra for the pickup and delivery service. You can call us on: 0722 302 762, 0755 984 707 to learn more about our laptop repair service. This service also incorporates laptop upgrade services and laptop broken edges repair and screen replacement. View our laptop repair in nairobi cbd services.

Benefits of leasing Computers and laptops for hire in Nairobi and IT equipment leasing.

The typical laptop needs to be changed every three years in order for personnel to operate at their best given how quickly technology is developing.

However, when acquired outright, IT laptop and desktop costs can significantly affect the organization’s cash flow.

Renting as opposed to buying enables:

Full, uninterrupted usage of the equipment Simple upgrades or replacements when the agreement expires

Easy, affordable management of depreciating assets

Updated technology or price reduction at contract’s end

The hardware and connectivity that fuel collaboration and video conferencing systems determines their level of effectiveness.
When Tier-1 equipment can be rented, why invest in deteriorating assets?
Look no further than Vox if you need to update the technology in your present hardware.

Lower Initial Expense

The lower upfront costs involved are, in general, one of the major benefits of leasing your IT equipment as opposed to purchasing it outright. IT equipment is frequently expensive, and this is especially true if you buy a lot of it all at once, as could happen when your organization is expanding or changing its operational procedures.
The cost of purchasing the equipment will be high upfront, and it might not always be able to do so with maintaining financial stability. Equipment can still be obtained through leasing, which also allows for cost-spreading.

Predictable Monthly Costs

By converting to a leasing model for your IT equipment, you can reduce your upfront outlay while simultaneously increasing cost predictability. When your company is faced with uncertainty, as was the case with the COVID-19 outbreak, and many businesses have people that work remotely, this might be very crucial.

In order to stretch out the expense of your equipment over a longer period of time, Fifosys is able to provide leasing alternatives that last two or three years. Adopting this strategy will allow you to convert equipment expenditures from big, erratic upfront charges to much more manageable monthly expenses.

Simple Equipment Upgrading

The fact that a lot of IT equipment can become outdated very rapidly is one of the major issues with investing in it, and this is especially true for computers and other similar deIn light of this, leasing IT equipment may make upgrading simpler because you can lease the most recent technology.
According to a article, a lease shifts the cost of obsolescence from the lessor to the buyer.
You are then free to sign a new lease and acquire more modern equipment whenever your present lease ends.

Access to Better Equipment

In addition to allowing you to update frequently, leasing your IT equipment may also give you access to initial equipment of a higher caliber than you would otherwise have if you were to purchase it.

Multiple employees suddenly needed access to hardware, such as laptops, during the early phases of the coronavirus pandemic, and many businesses found themselves in this scenario.
Some of these businesses were able to purchase superior gear because they were able to stretch out these costs over several years rather than all at once.

The Final Word

Laptop Leasing undoubtedly offers your company a number of advantages. Most importantly, it makes it possible for you to respond rapidly to changes in the needs and is ultimately far more economical.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would want to discuss your needs with regard to laptops leasing & hire. We have years of experience in leasing in Nairobi as well as anywhere in Kenya.

Features and Benefits

Rental Models Available

Enjoy full, uninterrupted use of the equipment with no large outlay of capital required. Our month-to-month contracts give you the freedom to rent as needed without being locked down.

Access to Skilled Engineers

Our engineers can assist with all the technical issues around your equipment setup. On-site warranty support.

Quality Refurbished Options

To reduce your costs even further, We offer very good quality refurbished models with very good specs.

Affordable Tablet rentals in Kenya

Our IT team is professional, well trained and ready to handle all your laptops for hire needs. Contact us today and lets talk about it. Give us a call on: 0722302762, 0721644702

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