cloud computing services in Kenya
  • Cloud Data Backup Services. Our cloud data backup services are designed to minimize business disruption. The loss of data to a business could result in huge financial losses. Read more
  • Hosted desktop and Virtual computing. By using a virtual desktop, your little notebook or tablet can access the power of the cloud. It helps you to get work done without investing a fortune in big, bulky and expensive hardware for the office. Read more
  • Cloud CCTV surveillance with artificial Intelligence. Our cloud CCTV surveillance with AI is an innovative surveillance system. The system is powered by an artificial Intelligence engine and it changes your CCTV system from the normal CCTV to a system that is intelligent and programmable. Read more
  • Application Cloud Hosting. Host your applications as a SaaS (software as a service)on our application cloud hosting setup that allows them to be available from a remote cloud infrastructure. Users globally can access the apps through the internet. We offer this service to businesses on a recurring subscription. Read more