software installation services

Hardware and Software Installation Services

Software installation services, using experienced engineers, developers and product specialists.

At Metocus Enterprise Ltd, we help to manage the whole installation processes using tried and tested methods to ensure a trouble-free experience.

Hardware Installations

A typical hardware installation would include consultation on pre-installation requirements, followed by a site visit to fully install and configure all equipment, complete introductory user training and qualification (IQ/OQ).

Software Installation Services

Do you require new software to be installed on your laptop. We offer Operating system installation and hardware support software installation. we also have accounting software installation, and networking software installation as on-demand software installation services provided by Data Elly. Our team of highly skilled experts not only provides assistance with software installation. They also recommend best practices to enhance the functionality and lengthen the lifespan of your product.

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Windows/Linux Installation

We install operating systems such as Windows, Linux and also do dual-boot.

Installations can range from a single stand-alone PC to enterprise level systems.

Data Elly works alongside a range of departments, from users, to IT and Quality Assurance to ensure an efficient installation.

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Third Party Equipment

Metocus Enterprise Ltd are technicians qualified to install a range of associated third party equipment.

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