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Data Recovery Services by Experts in Nairobi, Kenya.

Your Hard Drive or Phone has Stopped Working? We will help you recover the data!

Unable to Access Your Files? Then you Need a Data Recovery Specialist!!

Data recovery from hard drives, cell phones, laptops, servers, RAID arrays, memory sticks, memory cards, and other digital storage media devices is what we are known for. Since 2015, we have offered professional data recovery services throughout Kenya. We employ the most modern data recovery software.

We are the top provider of data recovery Nairobi, thanks to our remarkable success rates in phone and hard drive data recovery. The best ease us data recovery

How much does data recovery cost in Kenya?

Data recovery starts when you have approved the quote we have provided. We offer an open and transparent pricing policy that can be tailored to your specific needs. Hard disk data recovery starts at Kes 7000, while mobile phone recovery is as little as Kes 4000.

There are many freeware data recovery software available online but these can only do so much. Thats why we recommend you use our expert data recovery in Nairobi.

We provide both Emergency and Priority data recovery services if you need the data recovered right away. Kindly discuss by calling our contact number 0722 302 762. We are open seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

We can set up a courier to pick up your device at home or at a convenient place, or you can mail it to us or bring it to one of our drop-off locations.

We provide secure and safe data recovery services.

Our technicians can help you recover any data with our recovery software.

Our Advanced data recovery services in Kenya include:

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RAID Data Recovery

The only data recovery company in Nairobi, Kenya with a specialized RAID recovery team that operates around the clock. With over 7 years of experience, we are experts in all RAID levels and have recovered critical data in a safe and timely manner, mostly in less than a day.
To learn more about our RAID data recovery, click this link.
For further information on our NAS data recovery, click this link.

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Hard Disk & Hard drive data recovery.

With remarkable success rates, stands as the top hard drive data recovery company in Kenya. We can recover your data from any brand of hard drive and almost any kind of hard drive failure thanks to our sophisticated hardware and software hard drive recovery techniques. These types of failures include:

  • Broken hard drives
  • Beeping, whirring, ticking and smoking hard drives
  • Deleted data, corrupt files and documents
  • Lost photos
  • Bad sectors
  • Encryption issues
  • Hard drive head crash

Mobile Phone / Tablet Data Recovery

Large volumes of priceless data are stored on modern mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, and Data Clinic are experts at recovering it from almost any circumstance.

Click for more information about our mobile phone and tablet recovery services. We are specialists in iOS and Android mobile operating systems, as well as Apple, Samsung, Sony, Huawei, and HTC devices.

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The experts at recovering CCTV footage from all kinds of DVR systems, Data Clinic handles everything from criminal activity to workplace mishaps and accidents.

If your DVR system is recording CCTV footage that you are unable to view, either because the footage has been deleted, the recorder or hard drives have been damaged, or the system won’t play it back, Data Clinic can still recover the data.

Learn more about our CCTV DVR Data Recovery offerings.



Forensic Data Recovery

We offer security departments, government agencies, regulatory bodies, councils, and forensic investigators cutting-edge forensic data recovery services from all forms of digital media, including hard drives, phones, and CCTV systems.

Forensic data recovery
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Whatever data that you may have lost, our trained professionals will assist you to try and recover the data where possible. In as much as we can recover data from damaged media devices, please note that in some cases its not possible. In cases of extreme damage to the media system, its impossible to recover the lost data.

Do you require laptop repair services or laptop screen replacement? click on the links to learn more.

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We are based in Nairobi but we offer our data services countrywide.

Call, Text or WhatsApp us on: 0722 302 762.

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