Virtual and Hosted desktop computing

A hosted desktop is a virtual machine that hosts the operating system, applications, data and other system configurations of a physical desktop. A hosted desktop is also known as a virtual desktop. A virtual operating system is then delivered using a combination of technologies including hardware virtualization and some form of remote connection software.

By using a virtual desktop, your little notebook or tablet can access the power of the cloud. It helps you to get work done without investing a fortune in big, bulky and expensive hardware for the office.

Business advantages of virtual desktops

Work remotely

with remote working you can:

  • Attract better talent from around the world
  • Keep productivity levels high, by enabling people to work when out of the office
  • Pick up where you left off on another machine if technology fails
  • Keep employees happy, by removing the stress of hardware maintenance
  • Ditch the office altogether, removing a large chunk of your company’s monthly outgoings

Reducing desktop expenditure

With a Hosted desktop infrastructure, you can reduce your company’s desktop expenditure by 35% by replacing big and powerful desktops with small and power-efficient ‘thin’ clients. However, don’t think of this as a downgrade. It’s quite the opposite. These little computers are just as powerful as their big and bulky predecessors because they have access to the power of the cloud. In fact, they can often be even more powerful.

So how does it work? The cloud server does most of the work and sends it to your computer, instantly. Because of the processing speeds, users won’t even realize that they are doing everything in the cloud. It will be just as responsive as if you were working on your normal workstation.

Keep data safer and more secure

With Virtual desktops, data isn’t stored locally, but safely on cloud. This makes it safe from human error, office mishaps, and even theft. This means even if somebody lost their laptop, your company’s important data can’t find its way into the hands of your competitors or cyber-criminals. Disasters like fire or other events of nature will have minimal impact on company data.

Boost productivity


Move Office

With hosted desktops, moving offices is a simple affair. You can simply move from one office to another and start working immediately. There are no complicated servers to set up or backups to restore. you don’t have to spend time and money again to get everything back up and running. All you have to do is connect back to the cloud to pick up where you left off. Absolutely stress free !